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The All-Ukrainian Youth NGO Youth European Movement

About the organization:

The All-Ukrainian youth NGO the Youth European Movement as a youth wing of the European party of Ukraine, with local organizations in 19 regions of Ukraine was founded in 2009 in response to the necessity of the youth involvement in the processes of integration of Ukraine into the European Union. This necessity is especially urgent in 2009 when celebrating the 18th anniversary, Ukraine received a new generation of Ukrainians who were born in independent Ukraine and achieved the age of 18 in 2009 and due to the Constitution of Ukraine they have the right to vote. The young people, new Ukrainian generation, when acquiring the additional rights and obligations, can and should become a new, vigorous impulse which is necessary for the European movement of Ukraine.

We, the Youth European Movement, - association of the young people, who wish to participate in the development of Ukraine - free, mighty state, the state aiming at taking a worthy place in Europe and the world.

We urge all young people to actively participate in political, public and economic life of the country and not to stand aside of national and especially local problems.

We favor the entry of Ukraine into the European Union, and will long for the democratic rights and freedoms to become an integral part for every Ukrainian.
We propagate professionalism, diligence, responsibility and honesty, as key signs of a civil society in the conditions of market economy.

We are assured that vigorous, active, free and fair citizens who changed their life for the better, are able to change their country life for the better as well.

We are open to cooperation with all who are close to the liberal idea, and especially with those associations whose programs best serve the development of this state.

We are being united on the principles of:
Civic orientation, democracy, fairness, voluntariness and transparency.

Our credo:
If you cant make your own fortune somebody will be your substitute/
Do no waste time, join the successful - stay with us!

Every Ukrainian in each spot of Ukraine is proud of being the citizen of Ukraine.

Youth European Movement is a PAN-Ukrainian youth organization which forms a young power of Ukraine and educates the leaders of Ukrainian society, for whom human rights and freedoms, clear principles and beliefs are the integral part of life.

The purpose:
Search, associations and promotion to development of initiative youth of Ukraine which supports the values of the European party of Ukraine, in particular: the European democracy, the open market, a civil society and secure social, economic and political rights of citizens.

Strategy objectives:
1. Accumulating the Youth in all regions of Ukraine around the idea of integration of Ukraine into the European Union.
2. Patriotic education of the Ukrainian youth, conscious and responsible citizens of their state.
3. The active involvement of young people into the processes of the state building.
4. Entry into the International Federation of Liberal Youth.

The primary goals:
1. Development of the effective Youth European Movement association which will have its representation quota in all power bodies of the European party of Ukraine.
2. Maintaining the basic means of cooperation and information interchange between the regional organizations of the Youth European Movement.
3. Conducting educational activity, propagation of idea of self-organization among young people.
4. Creating the youth self-government bodies, advisory and consultative structures at public authorities and local government, groups of the state policy projects developing etc.
5. Promoting the young qualified personnel interested in forming a liberal-democratic system in the state for work in public authorities and local government.
6. Initiation of scale, open and consecutive political and economical reforms. Strengthening of the role of democratic institutes and procedures.
7. Maintaining cooperation with the international organizations, realization of mutual projects.

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