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The Program of the Political Party European Party of Ukraine

Our freedom

Freedom and independence are the greatest public values which Ukraine gained in 1991 and defended in 2004.

Each of us did our own civil choice, we were in the Independence Square and defended our rights and freedoms.
We became closer to Europe in one step. The Orange Revolution was not only a common protest against violence, abasement and cynical falsifications. It was the conscious choice of the democratic and European future for Ukraine.

Ukraine declared itself a true European Nation which has been developed on the basis of civil culture and democratic values.

The events of 2004 demonstrated a peaceful public resistance, active position of millions of Ukrainians, opened a new vision of Ukraine for the world.

Citizens themselves defined the direction of progress for Ukraine without politicians meaning that Ukraine must become a part of the democratic world.

Ukraine needs democratic reforms.

Ukraine needs new quality of power and policy.

Ukraine needs new political forces which would represent interests of citizens, but not separate groups and corporations.

New standards

The Orange Revolution changed Ukrainian society, its requirements to the politicians and political parties.

Citizens require new ideas, new political course and active actions.

Society requires from politicians responsibility for the taken obligations, an honest policy towards the electoral community.

Society argues against the methods of political manipulations, political unscrupulousness and corruption.

Society requires the opened policy. Society requires - a political process to become open for citizens participation in favour of public interests and for public inspection.
Citizens are against politicians who intend to decide all important issues of development of Ukraine individually.

Society is ready to support new politicians and political parties which are oriented to the interests of citizens, follow the democratic values and build their policy on principles of civil participation.

Ukraine and its future

Ukraine is a young independent state being situated on the crossing of geopolitical interests and strategies of the modern world.

Ukraine is heterogeneous society with different cultural and social measuring.

But Ukraine is a part of European civilization closely connected with the European culture and European values.

Active civil society operates in Ukraine.

Ukraine obtains huge potential for development of democracy, freedom, on its way to the legal state.

Ukraine has all chances to become the leader of the Eastern Europe and the outpost of democratic transformations on the post-soviet space, thus inspiring to the action other post-soviet countries.

And only joint European future is able to unite Ukraine and provide the stable prospects of development of the Ukrainian state in the world.

L. Kuchma`s hereditary epoch

Political split of the nation

A serious problem for Ukraine is political split of the nation into the West and the East. Ideological speculations of separate parties and politicians on the topic of Ukraines split provoked the artificial deepening and rooting of opinions towards different values and ideals among the citizens of the West and the East of the country, their positions with regard of the role of the Ukrainian state, its place in the world and level of economic and political freedoms. The idea of split of the Ukrainian nation became a part of powerful imperial geopolitical game the cost of which might become integrity and independence of Ukraine.

Political reform as a way of passing to the authoritarian oligarchic model of power

A ruling command changed in Ukraine, but the old post-soviet model of the state organization and management has been preserved being authoritarian in essence. The state plays a dominant role in relationships with society, thus limiting public freedom and activity. The system of power remains extremely centralized, inflexible and ineffective. The judicial branch of power has a limited influence in the system of power.

The change of the constitutional model of power on this background appeared to be an extremely dangerous experiment being able to knock down rather weak institutes of Ukrainian democracy. With the introduction of the new political system in Ukraine a party oligarchy, with the prevailing of party leaders interests above political obligations before their electors, illegal mechanisms of forming the coalition, parliamentary crisis and attempts of power usurpation by the parliamentary majority became political reality.

Old illness of power acquires new signs oligarchic authoritarianism.

The only means to resist this scenario are consolidation of the civil society and democratic forces.

Limited economic freedoms, oligarchic structure of economy

In today's Ukraine different rights and possibilities for development of big, middle and small businesses are available. Most of the large enterprises and even industries of economy remain monopolized by a few business-groups. Preferences are given to those who are close to the authorities. Real estimation of labor in a budgetary sphere which stimulates corruption and confluence of business with a state machine is absent.

Social inequality

There exists a deep polarization of the society into the narrow circle of rich and millions of poor, the result of which are the real conditions for social conflicts. Extremely low level of the salaries for the labors and public insurance resulted into impoverishment of population (especially in rural areas), and also put to the edge of survival two of the most unscreened layers pensioners and children.

Limited political and civil rights
A lot of political institutes have decorative functions in the system of power. The principal feature of the Ukrainian media - system is its concentration in the hands of separate business-groups thus promoting limitation of freedom for obtaining free and objective information. Conditions for even political representative office of different tasks and demographic forces including women are absent.

We consider the reasons of the existing problems are as follows:

Weakness of the democratic institutes. Absence of the real democratic political reforms. Misbalance of the system of power as a result of political reform is centralization of imperious plenary powers in the parliament. Halt of process of division and decentralization of power. Absence of the independent judicial power.

Monopolization of influence on the policy of separate corporate and political groups. Absence of stable democratic mechanisms of the political elite innovation and healthy political competition.

Black marketing of economic and political life. Functioning of considerable part of political and economic process beyond the scopes of institutions procedures and mechanisms (personality, corruption, lobbyism, etc).

Our tasks:

Ukraine needs reforms. Sustainable, opened and successive political and economic reforms. Decentralization of power and separation of business spheres and state administration. Strengthening of the role of democratic institutes and procedures.

Renovation of power at all levels. Bringing citizens into the political process. Expansion of the political representative office on the basis of bringing in new task forces. Introduction of administrative reform with considerable reduction of bureaucratic apparatus with its parallel renovation on the principles of free professional competition.

Strengthening principles of legal democracy. Providing independence for judicial power. Implementing the principles of supremacy of law and equality of all citizens in following the law. Granting to the citizens of the state complete spectrum of civil liberties and creation of the conditions for their wide and complete application.

Determination of the role and place of Ukraine within Europe and the world. Integration EU policy, transformation of Ukraine into the center of the Eastern Europe and the outpost of democracy on the eastern borders of the European Union.

A primary goal of the reforms is establishing Ukraine as the European state, Ukrainian society as the European society with responsible power and wide involvement of the citizens into the management of the country.

Ways of solution:

The separation of the spheres of business and state, law and policy making. Reduction of the influence of the state on the economy, restriction of the commercial activities by the state and usurpation of state power by business; re-distribution of powers between different branches; decentralization of the power; strengthening of the role of judicial branch of power; completion of the constitutional reforms for democratization of the political system.

Restriction of the states distribution between numerous clans: limitation of the control by corporate and financial- industrial groups over the regions; overcoming of the regional disproportions and conflicts diminishing of bureaucratic apparatus and anti-corruption measures; introduction of administrative and administrative-territorial reform.

Bringing into the political representative office and management of the state new task forces, wider representation of citizens through the system of political parties; strengthening the principles of multi-parties participation and creation of the conditions for the existence of the political opposition; stimulation of civil activity through the groups of interests and public organizations, and formation of free mass media.

Economic reforms are creation of even conditions for all subjects of economic activity and business (tax, registration, supervisory); creation of structure and basis for the civilized market; provision of economic freedoms for citizens; de-monopolization of influence on the economy by separate large business-groups.

Social reforms are destruction of the system of political rent and final principle of the budgetary profits distribution for the increase of the living standards of the citizens; just and legal estimation of wageworkers labor; growth of welfare of citizens due to the socially oriented tax policy.

A successive policy of Euro integration means achievement of the European political, economic and social standards.

Why Ukraine needs Europe? Why Europe needs Ukraine?

We are sure that exactly European strategy of development, which has been experienced by our Eastern and Central European neighbours is the most acceptable way for Ukraine. Our general orienteer and world views should bring Ukraine over to common geographical, economic and cultural space which European Union is.

Ukraine is not just the neighbour of Europe. During the followings 10-15 years Ukraine should become the member of the European Union, its reliable partner and regional leader on the eastern border.

For achievement of the European results Ukraine should experience serious reforms, drastic alternations of economy and bringing its legislation into accordance with the legislation of the European Union.

Our values are:

European democracy.

An open market.

Civil society.

Citizens social, economic and political rights protection.

A basic way to reforms is involvement of the active citizens into the political process.

Who will move Ukraine towards Europe

We state the fact that in Ukraine a new middle class has been already established. These are energetic, active, free and honest citizens. They have changed their own lives for better, they are able to change in the best way the life of the country.

Exactly these people managers, professionals, representatives of middle and small business declared their position and protected their choice during The Orange Revolution. These people are ready to work honestly, to pay taxes, to defend not only their own rights but also the rights of their scanty means fellow-citizens. Exactly they, this new active layer of the Ukrainian society, demands reforms, intents to influence the policy of the state and take part in the political process and management of the country.

Exactly these people come forward for the new type of relations between the state and society and support European integration intentions of Ukraine. Their values are the European values being based on democracy, civil freedoms and open market.

Such values are advantageous for all Ukrainians, all citizens of Ukraine. If the state works at new principles Ukraine will be quickly integrated in the civilized modern European world, providing the citizens new possibilities and prospects.

New people, new middle class, require new state: the state which is ready to work for the society, creating favourable conditions for economic development, political stability and realization of its citizens rights.

New power is unable to revive in one day or one year. A new policy will not appear tomorrow.

For this purpose reforms, new ideas and approaches are needed.

And what is the most important - Ukraine needs new leaders and new parties.

Those who play after the rules are needed, who obtain power in the fight, in an honest competition, who has values, knowledge, experience and faith, who does not only dream but act; whoever has no dirty businesses behind themselves, dirty capitals and oligarchic cartridges.

And these politicians are here already. They are in our midst.

The only need of them is to be supported.

We tell to all active citizens: please join.

Movement toward Europe not always begins in high cabinets and at the international meetings it begins in everyday activities of everybody, mentally and indeed.

If we want the policy to be changed there is no need to wait.
That is why we say today: the time has come it is the time to act.
The policy will become another one if we change it ourselves.

Ukraine will not become the European state without our participation; our ideas, our businesses, without us.

Thats why nowadays Ukraine needs European political Party the Party of European values, the Party of new leaders, the Party of democratic policy.
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