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Our leader Mykola Katerynchuk. Biography.

Was born on November 19, 1967 in the village of Lugovoe, Tal'menskiy District, Altay Region, Russia. 1984-1985 assistant of a plumber at the Radio- plant Impuls in Cherkasy.
1985-1987 a soldier of the Soviet Army.
1993 Graduate of the Law Faculty of Kyiv State University after T. Shevchenko.
1992-1995 - a lawyer-consultant, AB INKOINKO.
1995-2002 - General Director, OOO Attorney Company "Moor and Krosondovich" in the city of Kyiv. From April, 2002 - the Deputy of Verkhovna Rada of the fourth convocation representing electoral district 13 of Vinnitska Region.
From May, 2002 - a member of faction Our Ukraine.
From June, 2002 the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on legal policy issues.
2004-2005 Viktor Yushchenkos confidential agent for the post of President of Ukraine.
November December, 2004 a participant of the Supreme Court of Ukraine trial on the appeal about recognition the results of the Presidential Elections as invalid.
From March, 2005 - a member of the Presidium of the Council of the Peoples Union Our Ukraine.
March September, 2005 the First Deputy Chair of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine.
From October, 2005 - a Chairman of of the Central Executive Committee of the Peoples Union Our Ukraine.
From April, 2006 - a Peoples Deputy of Ukraine of the fifth convocation, a member of the faction of the Block Our Ukraina.
From July, 2006 the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on economic policy from the Block Our Ukraine.
Married; has two children: a son - Daniel, a daughter Sofiya-Nikol'.
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