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Decision of leading organs
2013.01.03 17:17
Promoting liberal-democratic movement in the Ukrainian society

The strategic objective of the European Party of Ukraine is active development of Ukraines promotion in the European direction. This is possible only under conditions of liberalization and democratization of Ukrainian society, adherence to the principles of European values of development. Accordingly, the European Party of Ukraine set the following objectives:

- Promote restriction for current government actions in the name of rights protection of due process, private property, and privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.

- Endeavour to inform the public of Ukraine concerning the privileges of liberalization and democratization through open public events.

- Active work with youth. Promoting youth organizations of liberal-democratic wing in holding thematic meetings and public events.

- Active cooperation with foreign political parties and organizations, implementation of foreign colleagues experience in reforms in Ukraine.

Facilitating in solving the ecological problem in Ukraine

The most burning ecological problems in Ukraine are:

- consequences of the Chernobyl accident;

- degradation of the black soil of Ukraine;

- excessive air pollution in industrial areas;

- pollution of the Black Sea basin;

- pollution of surface waters of Ukraine;

- disappearance of certain species of plants and animals through their destruction or deterioration of the environment;

- raising the groundwater level in cities and on irrigated lands;

- problem of waste industry;

- use of outdated methods of mining.

The European Party of Ukraine does not stand aloof from these problems and seeks ways to resolve them through:

- collaboration with world-renowned environmental organizations and political parties;

- support and cooperation with NGOs in Ukraine, which highlight specific cases and conduct civic actions;

- support and cooperation with enterprises involved in production of alternative energy in Ukraine;

- assistance to the media in covering ecological issues and providing political support and legal assistance in case of need.

In particular, active cooperation with the ecological organization "Civic Guard", which in 2011 led vigorous activity in Kirovohrad region, attracting the attention of the public and authorities to the problems of national scale, focusing on environmental damage while extracting uranium ore in the region. As a result, the government was forced to implement the project "Stop radon", the goal of which is to protect the public from the harmful effects of radon.

At the moment the European Party of Ukraine is implementing a project in Koziatyn, Vinnytsia region, on setting up a public-private partnership for raising funds to solve the problem of water supply and sewerage in the city. Currently EPU is initiating a working group of local deputies and officials. Experts of EPU developed a draft on attraction of credit funds guaranteed by local government. Representatives of the working group are negotiating with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on getting a loan.

EPU provides legal assistance to enterprises of Ukraine which work in the field of alternative energy sources. It initiated projects development, government programs to support companies involved in disposing and recycling all types of waste at the state-level. In the implementation of this project, EPU is the initiator of the negotiation process and a lobbyist of enterprises interests.

Promoting the improvement of social standards in Ukraine

- Providing free professional legal assistance to citizens within the framework of the social program "People's Advocate" operating in 26 cities in different regions of Ukraine. For over 10 years under the program, there have been served about 60 thousand citizens; there was provided legal assistance to small businesses, which intended to create new jobs with decent wages;

- Holding public discussions on Chernobyl accident liquidators problems and Afghan war veterans, representation and protection of their interests in the government agencies;

- Organization of educational activities for young people to get acquainted with the history of creation and the basics of the EU institutions, ideas of leading thinkers and liberal ideologues, and features of the European integration of Ukraine; conducting educational actions aimed at strengthening understanding of the equality of men and women;

- Promoting the reform of public utilities in Vinnytsia region, namely: new roads, replacement of water supply and water purification systems, strategy development on using alternative energies and its implementation in Kalynivskyi, Koziatynskyi and Khmelnytskyi districts of Vinnytsia region.

Encouraging the political and legal processes in the framework of agrarian reform

To enhance political and legal processes of agricultural reform in Ukraine EPU will work in the following directions:

1. Supporting projects on elaboration of regulatory packages that will allow reforming of the land relations in Ukraine, creating land market and improving the efficiency of agricultural producers, thus preventing illegal and unjust land deprivation of Ukrainian peasants. The issue of land reform in Ukraine has enormous social, political and economic importance. On the one hand there is a clear need to reform the outdated relationships between different interest groups of participants in these relations; on the other hand, not less obvious are the efforts of land oligarchs to take advantage of legal uncertainty in this area for illegal capture the most valuable lands. Currently our experts in the field of land relations are scrutinizing numerous legislative proposals to develop a balanced political position regarding acceptance or rejection of the adoption of certain laws and regulations.

2. We believe that land reform must be activated from the "bottom", i.e. developing specific projects with farmers-landowners that will allow them to organize their relations with tenant farmers, as well as increase the efficiency of agricultural production of the latter.

2.1 We will develop the practice of providing free legal assistance to farmers-landowners through the offices of People's Advocate, and suggest different mechanisms of extrajudicial settlement of disputes arising between them or, for example, between landlords and tenants. For this purpose lawyers of People's Advocate, together with other experts in the field of land law and organizations, are discussing the possibility of creating a network of Land Conflict Mediation Centres, which, we believe, will solve many problems outside the judicial system of Ukraine, whose credibility with the citizens is constantly decreasing.

2.2 Together with other NGOs and experts in the field of efficiency of agricultural production, we are currently planning a pilot project on setting up agricultural cooperatives and developing micro-lending programs, as well as investments in building professional vegetable stores for use by members of these cooperatives, small greenhouses where farmers will be provided with legal assistance and the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with experts in Ukraine, as well as in the EU countries that have the experience of practical implementation of such projects.

Successful implementation of projects specified in paragraph 2 will give better understanding and offer more effective mechanisms for legislative reform of land law and land relations in Ukraine.
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