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Social Program Peoples Attorney by the Peoples Deputy Mykola Katerynchuk has been functioning in Vinnytska Oblast from the beginning of 2002.

The idea of of the project was born as a result of the social research in the region. As a matter of fact common citizens of Ukraine are defenseless.

They are unable to protect their rights, interests, property and social guaranties.

The goals of this program are to offer legal assistance free of charge to all needy people. Within the program highly qualified lawyers from Kyiv come every week and offer free of charge legal assistance and consultations on the various issues.

In 2002-2004 the Program spread only on the territories of Kozyatynskiy, Kalynivskiy and Khmilnytskiy Districts.

In 2005 additional offices were opened in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Melitopol (Zaporizka Region), and in 2006 in the city of Odesa.

During the years of the Programs functioning a clear tendency to increase of the number of the visitors of these offices is evident. A sufficient positive experience has been has been achieved; thanks to the interference and assistance of the Programs lawyers many complicated issues have been solved, many citizens human rights and interests have been protected in the courts and different institutions.

The lawyers working in the Program The Peoples Attorney obtain University education and diverse working experience. For the whole period of the Programs functioning 11056 citizens were offered highly qualified legal advice.

Within the Programs framework the Bulletin The Peoples Attorney has been published and it highlights the most urgent Issues of peoples interest. Besides the Bulletins materials are prepared on the basis of the peoples applications and samples of positive experience.

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